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Back Pain Course

How To Help Yourself

Posture Kit

Restore Your Posture

Total Back Pain Solution: Online Course

A complete system of practical tips, knowledge and exercises to help you effectively get over back pain and improve your vitality.

Here's What You Get

How To Start Feeling Better TODAY

Top Tips and Do’s & Don’ts

How To Modify Daily Activities That Hurt

Exercises (from very basic to advanced)

Anti-inflammatory Foods That Heal

Stress Busters (both short and long term)

Guide To Consulting a Professional

Customer Reviews

Back Pain Course

“This course was brilliant with loads of things to easily implement straight away. Mike is a great teacher clearly passionate and knowledgeable, also making the info easy to understand. I highly recommend this course to anyone who is struggling with back pain.”
Dr Rachael Dunn

Posture Kit

"I am a busy mother of four and have suffered from a bad back and stiff spine for years. Having used the posture kit for about a month now and following the EXCELLENT videos I would highly recommended this product. My back difficulties have really improved and I have improved flexibility in my upper back and shoulder blades. Thanks!"
Mrs Katie McKay
Teacher & Mother

Posture Kit

"As a practitioner I have one of these kits in my clinic for clients to try before they buy. Having used it myself it is comfortable to wear and easy to take on and off. Also, what I really like are the 'added extras' of the massage ball and resistance band, and this is why I recommend this product over others. Great value too."
Dr David Phillips



Best Chair For A Home Office

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Back pain can steal your quality of life.

But the fatigue and low mood can be also symptoms of the root cause.

So we take the approach of helping the whole person, not just the bit that hurts.

Because that’s how you change someone’s life.

Whole Body Approach

We understand that back pain can be influenced by things like stress, digestion and general health, as well as spinal function.

Professional Experience

Founded by a chiropractor & physiotherapist with many years' clinical experience helping thousands of people with back pain.

Evidence Based

We choose simple, straightforward quality nutritional supplements that are backed by science and clinically proven.