Neck Hammock

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  • RELIEF NECK FATIGUE: Portable neck hammock uses cervical traction to gently stretch the neck, thereby increasing blood flow, oxidizing the surrounding muscles, reducing pain and increasing the flexibility of the neck and shoulders.
  • HIGH-QUALITY MATERIALS: the outside of the hammock neck hammock is made of high-quality cotton, soft and comfortable. The core of the pillow is made with a high-density memory foam core and rebound for comfortable decompression. At the same time, the use of powerful traction rope ropes, the maximum weight up to 40 kg.
  • 10 MINUTES A DAY: 10 minutes a day are enough to properly stretch the neck and relieve tension. After a few weeks, you will feel an improvement in the neck and shoulder muscles. Ideal for office workers, students, athletes, workers, drivers, etc.
  • EASY TO TRANSPORT AND USE: It takes 10-20 seconds to connect the traction of the neck from the neck to the door jamb, to the door handle, to the railing or to another position sufficiently stable to hang. At the same time, the device is small, light and portable, hand-washable, so you can take it with you.

1 review for Neck Hammock

  1. Polly Marshall

    This eases the pain in my neck after spending hours at a computer. It is so comfortable and easy to use. Would recommend this to everyone

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