Sacroiliac Belt


  • Helps with lower back instability and to support weak lower back muscles
  • Made from breathable fabric with adjustable power straps
  • Provide targeted compression and support
  • Also help in sacroiliac and lower back pain
  • Provides adjustable support and compatible with hot and cold therapy


4 sizes available (please select at checkout)

Sacroiliac belts support the pelvis, allowing the back muscles to relax and the back to recover.

They are not the same as back support belts (like weight-lifting belts) which go around the waist, so they do not make the muscles ‘weaker’.

These are the belts we recommend in our back pain course The Total Back Pain Solution (especially for Type C back pain).

And if the back pain wakes you up when you turn over at night, then wearing these overnight can help provide relief for that. We recommend trying this for 3-4 days.


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